At Woodstock Fest, could certainly lose a contest to make music as the soundtrack to the participants during the three days. The competition is open to emerging bands and who want to take advantage of the visibility offered by the contest and turned their attention from promoters and media (magazines, radio and TV) interested in and find new artists. All the bands will of course bring at least a song that was played at Woodstock in 1969 in their choice and can be reserved to rearrange at will. Registration is free and will be admitted the following genres: Rock, Hard Rock, Folk Rock, Indie Rock, Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Rock'n'Roll, Rockabilly, Psychobilly and Country. Anyone interested in participating can find the regulation and registration form in PDF format at bottom of page.

Keep on rockin!

Davide Ciani
e-mail: davideciani@libero.it
Tel.: 340.6297208

1° Art Contest

At 1° Woodstock Fest, the magazine AeroArtAction (www.aeroart.it) in collaboration with Maurizio Forestan organizes the 1st Art Contest, a contest open to everyone and aims to make a guitar that takes place during the event. The topics are free to develop and support which will express the shape of a guitar in real size.
Anyone interested in participating can find the rules and entry form in PDF format at bottom of page.

Download Rules and Inscription Contest