The youth revolution of 1968 came into our surroundings and many of us have already smelt the new air of "Time is changing." At WOODSTOCK FEST, we believe that there are still dreamers and with this musical and cultural proposal, we wanted to give a voice to all those whose music and culture means giving something to today's uncertain world.
The notes of Ten Years After (better 41Years After ...) comes from a long series of groups who will bring back the best sounds of the time; but beyond the music, a great proposal from that of ON THE WORD AGAIN, in the words of Jack Kerouac, the "poems" shouted by Allen Ginsberg , Zen by Alan Watts, the timeless wisdom of the "Prophet" by Khalil Gibran, the fire of mystic Rumi Jallaluddin, muffled chants of Native Americans and many other singers of beauty and hope hidden in Mankind. This festival of "living words" is open to all.
Finally, the area of WELL BEING offers much of what, in recent years, has been designed to help people become aware of their body; health and well being, investigating the secrets of the mind, seeking a relationship with the spirit which religions have always suggested and in which a Supreme Poet wrote: "You were not made to live like brutes but to follow virtue and knowledge." We look forward to seeing you in Osoppo!